#A bit of me….for a day !!

I saw her hiding behind a door…smiling n happy but wanting..needing something more !!
I urged her come out and explore..

She wants to fly but there is something keeping her ashore..
But one day she finds it in her heart the strength to let go..
To be that little bit selfish .. open new windows..and walk out the door !

As she walked the road and dropped bits of herself…
a bit of longing as a lover ..
a bit of commitment as a wife..
a bit of guilt as a mother ..
a bit of responsibility as a home maker..
a bit of discipline as a professional..

As she left behind these bits…She found a little more of what was the original !!

A girl who danced to her fav songs in the middle of the road …
A girl who giggled endlessly especially with reasons unknown..
A girl who opened her heart … and let her soul have fun..
A girl who felt true happiness that needed no one !!

She dropped a bit … And found so much more …
She closed a few windows.. and it opened new doors..
She carries back something old ,something new , something she always wanted…needed to be …

Not just a lover..a wife … a mother…the girl behind them all clearly now I see .

She feels so beautiful….She feels so Me !!

#SoMe #DefiningSelf #ABitOfMe

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