#!! Self(ish) Love !!

Is Love just a feeling or an emotion ?
Cause Trust me I have been in love with people.. to places to bags to even a lotion !!

I know some who love all they touch… and then there are those who don’t love anything much..
Some who find love at every chance….Some who spend a lifetime loving others yet crave to be truly loved just that once !

Is it than that there is no one meaning of love.. ?
Or do we use this word.. this emotion too loosely , sometimes way to often…and sometimes just not enough !!

Cause in ways it defines my ability to care for even a rose … which i know will fade away in time
and also my worry if our love will last a lifetime…and if you will be all mine ..

It’s in my desire to be wanted and be the reason for someone to stay..
It is also the pain I feel and the anger that makes way …

So then isn’t love the beginning of all my emotions and my soul’s door…
Cause it’s only once I stop loving … I feel no more !!

And is it about the one i love or truly about Me then ?

Cause I am the one who’s heart skips a beat…who can’t stop smiling from cheek to cheek…
and also the one who can hear the cracking of this heart .. the silent tears that flow when everything seems to fall apart ..

Then Why do I worry so much and want to know ?
If i am the one with the strength to hold on or to let go…

It’s really all mine to choose…
to hold on tight or let it go loose…

It’s my ultimate power … the key to unlock my happiness…
My ability to judge who n when I love more or less..

Clearly It’s up to me to make it worth my while … to feel the pain or turn it into a wicked smile…

It’s MY love sweetheart and therefore only…I… shall decide !!

#SelfishLove #MyLove #IChoose

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