#The Man He Is Not

He may not get me surprise gifts and flowers …
but he knows exactly when i need that hug the most or when to just hold me for hours.

He may not let me shop when i think i require …
but he ensures i pick up every last piece i could ever desire.

He may not compliment me ever …
but i know he is the reason that everyone around him loves me forever.

He may not think i have the same level of maturity …
but he trusts my decisions blindly and needs me around for surety.

He may not say “trust me” a million times a day …
but his eyes meet mine no matter when i look his way.

He may not be my favourite person…
but he forever is “ my person “

He may not be the man of my dreams …
but he’s definitely the one I want to spend all my waking hours with….it seems !!

#TheManHeIsNot #HeForShe

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