#Water beads ….

I have been cribbing about the heat here comparing it constantly with the place i was at and how one is more dry and the other sultry ..how even the wind here is hot and so painful etc etc etc

And then it rained last night …it didn’t matter if the drops were big or small .. there was lightning or not .. my hands automatically extended to feel the water beads and I just stood there with a smile !!

Made me realise no matter who we meet in life there are always some people who feel like the Rain … they make you extend your arms and bring that instant smile !!

I always wanted to be the rainbow …but now I hope to be someone’s rain !

#Rains #LeassonsFromNature #BeSomeonesRain #Rainbow

2 thoughts on “#Water beads ….

  1. Ah! Would be nice to be someone’s rain.. but lately I have started to believe in reducing expectations.. isnt it better to want to just enjoy the rain and rainbows? That way the ball is still in our court


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