Memories of the years gone by… and flashes from the last night’s dream..
Passion for an unfulfilled fantasy..to absolute belief in something that i have never seen !

Every accomplishment … each defeat ;
The lines i crossed … the races i didn’t even compete

The desires from a perfect affair…or lessons from a broken heart;
That familiar smell of someone long after we have part

Those lyrics of a popular old song … or a well kept secret known only to a few ,
An unexpected compliment from a stranger…or the anticipated silence of those i knew

The yes i said…the no i didn’t even mean;
Feeling smiles touch the heart… seeing the tears that didn’t flow and hearing that silent scream

The hellos i missed … the goodbyes i regret,
the places i visited … the books i read…

A collection of dates…time…names…places…the people i met…and with each that hidden anticipation of what else may lie ahead

Forever remain as stamps on my heart and footprints on my soul…

And piece by piece every day they make me a new whole !!


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