#Instant(ly) Yours

Feel the love… use whatsapp to express. Not so much anymore…a sms would suffice !

Do we include people in our lives…or  just refresh our friend list every now and then ?

Do we still feel a million emotions… or just the ones that have the corresponding emojis ?

Do we take real challenges…or candy crush seems to be enough to define our achievement ?

Somehow number of likes on a selfie now suggest the number of friends that care ! Memories are hidden somewhere in the filters of pictures more than as unfading part of our character .

A letter which took days to write and weeks to reach has now become a restricted 140 word instant message that takes 30 secs to create…

….“Conversations” are now reduced to a set of typed words ….

Most often even before we feel our own feelings.. before it reaches our hearts … enters our minds and our soul.. it reflects as part of  our status update !!

Is that why 

Falling in love and getting over someone so effortless ?

Solitude does not bother us anymore ?

Happiness is about if not restricted to smiling pictures ?

Pride in 500+ friends but still sipping a coffee alone is not unusual ?

Now don’t get me wrong …

love that i am in touch with so many but sad that i lost that connection

love that our universe has become closer but sad that our worlds have shrunk a bit

love that we can be in contact at any time but sad that there is no more an effort to reach out

love that there are new things to discover each day but sad that familiar and intimate now seem to mean the same

Sometimes I miss ….

that constant search for a long lost friend…

that wait for a handwritten note..

that smell of a new book..

that touch of an old album..

that craving to catch up on all that we missed..

that need for that hand over the shoulder …

that conversation that didn’t require words..

Facebook…instagram…twitter as on today know ; understand and predict us better than our closest friends and sometimes even ourselves !

Life feels to be passing by in a state of a so called “waking dream” … blurring the lines between the virtual and the real..

Do we need to define these lines more clearly or just let ourselves fade away ?

Do we want this dream to really end or just choose what we see and when we wake up?

Do we take a pause and experience life or just get reminded of what we are at pre defined intervals ; as part of a social media flashback ?

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