Make a Wish ..

I was writing a birthday wish for a dear one yesterday … wishing her all the success , smiles , love and health !! And then I paused and looked down upon my words … all that i had wished for her was everything that is just an “outcome” … sometimes of her surrounding but more importantly & always of the person she is !!

And so shouldn’t I be wishing for her instead that she has the :-

Commitment to make all her dreams a Success

Courage to Smile even in times of failure

Discipline to keep fit & stay Healthy

Confidence to give & deserve true Love

I should be wishing for her strength of character , a soul with undying hope and a free spirited heart …cause I believe with the “input” of the right ingredients the recipe of life is sure to be delightful !!

Is it time to #Change #WhatWeWishFor ??!!

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