!! Because She lives on !!

A dedication to a very special friend and her precious little girl !

She imagined you in her dreams

Even before she carried you in her womb;

She comforted you in her arms

And all she ever wanted to do was to help you bloom !!


She was the reason for a million smiles,

and an occasional tear…

She prayed hard to give you all her strength,

and wished away all your fears..


A bond so strong shall be broken never;

You lived through her once

And now she’ll live through you forever…


So, for her precious angel

Smile a little more..

Laugh a little harder

Travel to all the places she wanted to see..

Dance, play, sing…

And be the best version of you that can be !!


Kiss her in your dreams

And hug her in your heart…

For though she may be physically gone…

But through the bonds she made; the warmth she spread …and her most precious creation YOU dear child …. your mother lives on !!

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