Cause You Make Me..

You make me laugh.. unlike what I have in a while;

You make me smile … the kind that makes me feel happy inside..

You make me want to believe in love that I had long forgotten in time..

You make me want to bring back parts of me I had left somewhere behind.


You make me want to lose my heart , my mind , my soul …

You make me want to let it go and spin out of control.

You make me want to gamble and risk it all;

Cause you make me want to soar high without the fear of a fall.

You make me want to run through every window & door;

You make me want … want it all… and still want more !!

You make me feel warm … like a cosy bonfire;

You make me feel excited … like a little child’s unfulfilled desire..

You make me feel happy.. like my heart’s hugging itself;

You make me feel beautiful .. like the rest of the world is just a blur ..

You make me see the light through the tough;

But more than anything You make me believe … that I am enough !


And it’s YOU who makes this me …

with every unheard whisper .. every single word you say;

with the passion in your eyes that takes my breath away…

with the touch of your hand that holds a promise to never let go;

with the love in your heart that will keep me safe forever I know !!

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