Toothless smile ..

A cold winter morning .. just got colder ..

On a lone hospital bed .. as a 90 plus breathed her last and just a toothless smile remained;
Her not so young daughter gripped those hand tighter for the last time as tears started to roll down .

While the visible tears were that of a child loosing her parent..

Inside .. her heart was breaking while helplessly trying to figure out a way to break the news to the man who hadn’t seen his partner for weeks now and was spending his days wishing to be the reason behind that toothless smile one more time .

That day … she cried less as a child on the loss of her parent and more for the man who lost the love of his life ..

That day .. she understood that so many find it difficult to hold on in life and there are a few who find it difficult to let go even in death ..

That day … she struggled less to accept the reality and more to deny the hope !!

That day … she realised ..

Real love stories .. have ONLY a beginning .. Even death can’t do them part sometime

And that toothless smile that kept them connected forever remains now frozen in time !

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