Ever since in the city I have been enjoying the cold weather .. and infact longing to experience more of it every single moment ..

What was I yearning for ?

Was it the crisp breeze.. or the freezing water ?
Was it the frosty window panes .. or the nipping shiver ?
Was it the ice crystals that glow ?
Was it the smoke that comes from the mouth when you blow ?

Or was it really the cozy bornfire while I watch the snow flakes fall ..
Or was it the few sunny hours after the cold nights crawl .
Or was it the warmth of a hot cup of coffee as I shiver to the bone ;
Or was it the snuggly hug of the wrapped woollens as I miss someone known !!

I realised ..

All I was craving was for the …. “cold to feel a little warm this time” !!

coldweather #warmthwithin #alittlewarmth #chillywind #staywarm #bornfire #hug #coffee #frozen #woollens #sunshine #yearn #chill #frost #gettingcolderbytheday #cravingwarmth

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